My Health Coaching Programs for Diabetics

 (Via phone, video chat or in person)

My process includes developing an understanding of what food and lifestyle choices work best for you and then focusing on improving your energy, balance, health, and happiness. Meeting via phone, video chat or in person, we'll identify stress factors related to work, family, and relationships, seeking to reclaim and restore health while transitioning through various life stages with diabetes. 


Choosing to embark on the road to fuller health with me will help you to:


-          Learn about the tools to manage your lifestyle and diet without overthinking.


-          Experience more balanced, abundant energy, and liveliness.


-          Improve your mood and enrich your relationships.


-          Feel more focused and sharp.


-          Nourish your body with a plentiful diet, rich with healthy, whole foods.


-          Experience a “full-circle” shift to true healthful living.

Thank you for your interest in working 1:1 with me! 

I accept clients who are ready to start now with a transformational program.

If you know this is for you, please Click Link to complete the application and get started.

  • Complete the application to work with me, then schedule strategy call.

    15 min

  • A power session to jump start your “Diabetes Health”!

    1 hr 30 min

    179 US dollars
  • Put goals into action to better manage blood sugar and lose weight.

    50 min

    Program Price Varies
  • Wks 27-40 - Late stage pregnancy support, including diabetes and gesta...

    50 min

    Program Price Varies