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Find out what's in my T1D Power Kit

Living and hopefully thriving with diabetes of any type, takes tools and consistent habits that you can feel comfortable with. Managing the day to day is tough, designing your own Power Kit is vital in helping you manage your blood sugar.

After many years of switching it up, which included different insulin's, managing without a CGM, eating the wrong foods..and the list goes on. Thankfully I've learned and now I'm in a place where I know my body better and what enables me now to thrive with type 1 diabetes.

Here are the diabetes tools that literally make up my power kit and help keep my daily habits consistent to manage my diabetes... what works for me:

- Tresiba - long acting basal insulin ( YES No insulin pump...still injecting insulin for 37 yrs now) - Novolog - short acting bolus insulin - Accu-chek blood glucose meter - to calibrate my CGM 2 x per day - Medtronic Guardian Connect - CGM - continuous glucose monitor

Now for the fun stuff, the very important lifestyle habits that are a huge part of my T1D Power Kit (survival kit)!

Balanced Nutrition - low carbs and lots of veggies/fruit combined with lean protein and healthy fats.

Exercise - My goal is to move every day (gym, walking, weight training, paddle boarding, yoga, etc). *Staying active makes a huge difference in how much more efficient my body utilizes sugar/carbs and helps to reduce my insulin needs. Gives me energy and I feel amazing too!

Sleep - 7-8 hours restful sleep

Hydration - start my morning with tall glass of water w/lemon. Enjoy 1 cup of coffee...then it's water, 80-100 ounces/day.

Daily prayer & meditation - I learn, praise and give gratitude daily to nourish my spirit.

These are the tools and habits I feel great about doing without hesitation and without feeling deprived. I want to feel great and in control of my diabetes and long term health..and I know it starts with me!

You should Fill Your T1D Power Kit and Your Routine with healthy tools that fulfill and nurture your body & spirit.. and take control of your diabetes.

What's in your T1D Power Kit? Are you ready to create your own?

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