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Hi, I'm Melissa
Diabetes health coach, wife, mom and type 1 diabetic. I'm passionate about helping you gain healthy and sustainable tools to navigate your own diabetes health journey.
"I understand your struggles and frustrations."
What if you could:
  • Get off that blood sugar roller coaster ride and take back control...
  • Learn how to better manage your blood sugar and not feel deprived...
  • Lose weight and feel your best ever...
I'll help you develop a routine unique to you and your lifestyle!
  1. Track blood sugar, recognize obstacles and make a plan
  2. Enjoy delicious macro balanced foods
  3. Establish an exercise routine you'll love and stick to
Get ready to take your next step to better manage your diabetes.
Gain control of your diabetes

When was the last time you received the personal attention you deserve and talked with someone about your diabetes? 

  • Balance your blood sugar starting with my "3 Must Do Tips"!

  • Focus on discovering patterns to lower your A1C level

  • Restore a healthy mindset to gain control of your diabetes and health

Meet Melissa Slemp, BSBA, CIHC

Diabetes Health Coach and Hormone Health Specialist
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I'm excited you're here!  My passion is supporting all types (type 1, 1.5, 2 and gestational diabetes) of diabetics like you throughout various stages of life. Whether transitioning through a new diabetes diagnosis, mapping your own health journey, managing dietary challenges and a need to gain blood sugar control. 

I've lived with insulin dependent diabetes (type 1) for 37 years. Through personally understanding the daily challenges of this chronic disease, I decided to specialize in this area to help others achieve full health.  I love to support clients in balancing their nutrition, exercise and lifestyle routine. ­ Drawing on my expertise in life and in the field, I understand what you're going through and work to help you make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.


I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition  (IIN) in New York City and certified through the International Association for Health Coaches (IAHC).  I continued my education with IIN and received my Hormone Health Certification to assist clients moving through various hormonal stages and diabetes self management. I love to encourage and support my client's fitness goals as a  A.F.A.A. certified personal trainer.  In the 4 years working as health coach, I'm proud of supporting my clients success stories.

My husband David & I have fun stand up paddle boarding, exploring the outdoors and stay active with our dog Kona in our beautiful hometown St. Augustine, Florida. We are active members of Good News Church and host a weekly small group bible study. Our 23 yr. old daughter Sarah lives close by attending nursing school. 

           ~My favorite treat is dark chocolate dipped in peanut butter ~

Schedule a discovery call  and learn more about my unique approach for your health and wellness.


Client Success Stories

“Melissa helped me set and achieve several goals to better my health and walked with me through the process giving me encouragement, tips, and ideas along the way. I have been to many doctors over the last several years with more frustration than answers, but with Melissa’s help I was able to sit down with a doctor and explain what was going on and what blood work and tests that I wanted to be done to finally find some answers”.

-Tavanya G.

My Thrive with Diabetes Health Programs

Review your health concerns and create a plan for you to gain back control of your diabetes

A power session to jump start your “Diabetes Health”! Create a blueprint to get started with consistent habits

Identify achievable short-term health goals with a personalized plan and regular check-ins


How I can help you

If you're feeling trapped, frustrated, even angry and depressed without clear direction from various doctors?  You need a health coach by your side who understands where you are........

Simply book a consultation 


Decide on a plan

Navigate your own diabetes health journey & thrive!

I offer encouragement without judgement along your journey to wellness!  

Less stress and more focus
  • Nutrition and lifestyle shifts

  • Less sugar and more real food to gain focus

  • Quality sleep

  • Enjoy life and laugh more

Weight Loss
  • Look closer at your symptoms

  • Blood testing that identifies what may be out of balance

  • Say goodbye to that stubborn extra weight 

  • Stop reaching for caffeine to get through your day.

  • Understand how blood sugar is linked to feeling tired.

  • Learn simple steps to getting your "Mojo" back!


Thrive with Diabetes
  • Lower A1C

  • Lose weight

  • Change your diabetes mindset 

  • Create your own food and exercise routine

Women's Health

Put an end to:

  • Monthly hormonal symptoms

  • Brain fog

  • Moodiness

  • Night sweats

  • Increase your libido naturally

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Melissa leads a Diabetes Sisters of St. Augustine meet up group the first Monday of every month at 6:00 PM.  This nationally run organization provides an informal support and education to women of all ages with all types of diabetes. 


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