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Living with type 1 diabetes, I help women navigate a diabetes diagnosis and drop the weight with delicious food - while gaining more confidence and energy.


I am a wife and mom, type 1

diabetic, certified health coach and personal trainer.

Managing diabetes was a struggle right after I was diagnosed at 14.  I've since learned so much about my body and what it needs and love being able to share this with other women. 

I lean on a foundation of 5-Key steps to keep my weight, mood , blood sugar where I want it.  Staying consistent helped me through diabetic retinopathy, menopause, empty nest, and life's curve balls, all while balancing blood sugar.  

I'm here to help you "do all the things" and to avoid the mistakes I made.  I'm your solution, learn from me to end your struggles and begin to feel empowered with your health.

Excited to be a part of your journey.

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Ready to end mealtime frustration?


Client Success Stories

"I signed up for the Gain Food Freedom Course because I realized that to change my health, I needed to take an "action step". I had no idea that it would teach me a framework on which I could build lifetime changes. 


After sitting with Melissa through the course I began understanding the 5 essential habits creating health.  Around these habits, I was able to build goals and strategies to reach those goals. By the end of the course, I truly was empowered with specific and measurable ways to begin changing my health forever.  And now I have a friend and coach who can direct me and hold me accountable"          Thanks!  Carolyn S.

"Melissa was able to help me work towards and assuring me that I could achieve my goals by offering articles on diabetes and food intake, a recipe book and additional recipes. She provided information about diabetes and offered me helpful hints. 

I'm now more aware of foods that are harmful to me and now aware of the carbohydrates that are tolerable and those that may be harmful. Also, my glucose readings have gone down!  Melissa is informed, empathetic, sincere and dedicated to helping her clients succeed and I recommend her to anyone else who needs help in coping with this disease". 

- Mary Jo R.

“She is truly dedicated to making sure that everyone is living their best, healthiest life! It has been an amazing journey and l have learned so much from her”!

—Emma M.

“Melissa helped me set and achieve several goals to better my health and walked with me through the process giving me encouragement, tips, and ideas along the way.

I have been to many doctors over the last several years with more frustration than answers, but with Melissa’s help I was able to sit down with a doctor and explain what was going on and what blood work and tests that I wanted to be done to finally find some answers”.

-Tavanya G.