I am a wife and mom, type 1

diabetic, certified health coach and personal trainer.

Managing diabetes was a struggle right after I was diagnosed at 14.  I've since learned so much about my body and what it needs and love being able to share this with other women.  

I created the S.H.R.E.D. Framework, a foundation of 5-Key steps that I practice consistently. These continue to help me thrive through diabetic retinopathy, menopause, empty nest, and life's curve balls, all while balancing blood sugar.  

Excited to be a part of your

health journey!



(Via phone, video chat or in person)

Review your health concerns and create a plan to get off that blood sugar roller coaster ride, lose weight and feel amazing again.

Diabetic's Blueprint 
"Power Session"

A power session to jump start your “Diabetes Health”! Create action steps with diet and exercise to improve blood sugar control and lose weight.

Find easier long term ways

to consistently manage your blood sugar and lose weight, so that you enjoy life and food again!


Client Success Stories

"I signed up for the SHRED Diabetes Mini-Course because I realized that to change my health, I needed to take an "action step". I had no idea that it would teach me a framework on which I could build lifetime changes. 


After sitting with Melissa through the course I began understanding the 5 essential habits creating health.  Around these habits, I was able to build goals and strategies to reach those goals. By the end of the course I truly was empowered with specific and measurable ways to begin changing my health forever.  And now I have a friend and coach who can direct me and hold me accountable".


                                                                                Thanks!  Carolyn S.