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You have devoted your life to raising a family, building a stable career, but now you’re ready to focus on you.
But managing diabetes on your own is one obstacle you can’t overcome by yourself and you feel stuck.
  • You have been diagnosed with diabetes and you need sustainable habits to reach A1C goals from a coach who understands you.
  • You need to accept diabetes is part of your life and tools to support you to gain more hope.
  • You want freedom to know that carbohydrates are not the enemy and even dessert now and then can be part of your eating plan.
  • Google isn’t giving you clear direction and diabetes is something you don't want to do alone.
  • Your hormones are shifting, and doctors don't offer the answers I need.
Don't let health concerns hinder the precious moments you want to share with loved ones.
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About my journey.

“I woke up seeing floaters.”

That's a nice way to describe leaking blood vessels caused by poor blood sugar control. Diabetic retinopathy was the diagnosis, and I was told if I didn't get it together...
I could go blind.

My doctor, supportive friends and my husband who also lives with Type 1, told me straight up that I needed to get my diabetes under control.

That warning, and my fear of high blood sugar led me to very strict control. Well, too strict, 911 was called to my rescue too many times to count.

I prayed I could just let go and give myself grace with my numbers and find out what being in control of my blood sugar would look like without causing other stress in my life.

What I needed was to trust myself and know the warning I got was necessary but didn't have to keep me afraid. I realized my blood sugars didn't have to be perfect 24/7.

My successful laser eye surgery and consistent routine keeps me here without stressing over perfect blood sugar. 

I have now had healthy eyes for
over 30 years, Woo-hoo! 
White Lilies
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Emma P. 

“She is truly dedicated to making sure that everyone is living their best, healthiest life! It has been an amazing journey and l have learned so much from her”!

Mary R.

"I'm now more aware of foods that are harmful to me and now aware of the carbohydrates that are tolerable and those that may be harmful. Also, my glucose readings have gone down!  Melissa is informed, empathetic, sincere and dedicated to helping her clients succeed and I recommend her to anyone else who needs help in coping with this disease". 

Gail B.

"Thank you Melissa, for all that you have done for me!  I started my diabetes journey almost two years ago.  Getting diagnosed was a shock.  The first year – before I found you was like boot camp as I struggled to learn as much as I could, manage my blood glucose and continue to keep my law practice afloat. 


I feel so fortunate that I found you one day while searching the internet.  Over several months, I learned many important concepts and techniques from you.  The information that is passed between diabetics in real life can be so informative and useful.  I have an amazing medical team – but no one on my team actually has diabetes. The practical advice that you and sometimes others in your group setting provide can be so helpful.  More importantly, from my perspective, was the support that I felt emotionally from the group meetings and knowing that I had you to bounce issues and management ideas off of – especially during times of high stress.  You have always been very available and I appreciate that!


You are doing important work, Melissa.  This is not an easy path, but armed with knowledge, support, and faith, the journey can be easier.  This disease gave me a different understanding of my time and how I value it.  I have always espoused that time is our most valuable asset, but I think I verbalized this more than I practiced it.  And now, I more fully live this way."

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Carolyn S.

"I truly was empowered with specific and measurable ways to begin changing my health forever. And now I have a friend and coach who can direct me and hold me accountable"  

I have been navigating Type 1 Diabetes for 40+ years and understand your day-to-day struggles.
Balancing blood sugar and life is tough, but faith changes my perspective. Truth be told, I still want my numbers to behave and to avoid the side effects that often comes along with this disease. God's presence assures me I'm not alone in diabetes or my spiritual journey. His strength helps me approach each day with hope. This guides me as a wife, mother, navigating challenges like diabetic retinopathy, menopause, empty nest, and running successful businesses, all while pursuing my health goals.

I decided after 20+ years of 9-5 corporate stress to leave and study a holistic approach to better manage my diabetes, and to coach others.

Now a certified health coach and personal trainer, I’ve spent the last 7 years helping busy women like you overcome obstacles with diabetes and avoid health complications.

Beach walks and a smooth glass of wine at sunset with anything chocolate helps to balance me out…and YES, we can still enjoy desserts. I spend my downtime with husband David (also living with T1D), our church family, daughter Sarah and our energetic dog Kona.

We love defying what diabetics are discouraged from. We travel and stay very active.

I coach midlife women with type 1 diabetes who feel lost and misunderstood, providing support and clear guidance.
If managing blood sugar and life is tough, you're invited to take the next step.
Outdoor Snack

A 3-step guide empowering women to excel in life while managing diabetes with practical tips and valuable insights.

Thrive With Type 1 Diabetes After 40

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