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You have devoted your life to raising a family, building a stable career, but now you’re ready to focus on you.

But managing diabetes on your own is one obstacle you can’t overcome by
yourself and you feel stuck.
  • You have been diagnosed with diabetes and the only thing you’re certain about is blood sugar and weight are two numbers you need to drop.

  • You've been running around for answers, and you're worn out.

  • You want freedom to know that carbohydrates are not the enemy and even dessert now and then can be part of your eating plan.

  • Google isn’t giving you clear direction and you don't want another restricted diet to avoid the oral meds or insulin your doctors threatening you with.

If you don’t find a solution now, you’re afraid that health complications will prevent special memories you want to create with family and friends.

There is hope.

My name is Melissa, and following my health scare, it took me another 10 years to really wake up. My doctor, supportive friends and my husband who also lives with Type 1, told me straight up that I needed to get my diabetes under control.

I prayed I could just let go and give myself grace with my numbers and find out what being in control of my blood sugar would look like without causing other stress in my life.

I realized my blood sugars didn't have to be perfect 24/7. What I needed was to trust myself and know the warning I got was necessary but didn't have to keep me afraid.

I have been navigating Type 1 Diabetes for 40 years and understand your day-to-day struggles.

I am a wife and mom and I've survived diabetic retinopathy, menopause, empty nest, and life's curve balls, and run two thriving businesses, all while reaching my own health goals.

Now a certified health coach and personal trainer, I’ve spent the last 6 years helping busy women like you overcome obstacles with diabetes and avoid health complications.

Truth be told, I still want my numbers to behave and to avoid the side effects that often comes along with this disease.

I have now had healthy eyes for 30 years, Woo-hoo!

My successful laser eye surgery and consistent routine keeps me here without stressing over perfect blood sugar. 

Beach walks and a smooth glass of wine at sunset with anything chocolate helps to balance me out…and YES, we can still enjoy desserts. I spend my downtime with husband David, our church family, daughter Sarah and our energetic dog Kona.

We love defying what diabetics are discouraged from. We travel and stay very active.

My unique approach helps you discover real food and lifestyle practices you can sustain to enjoy this stage of life emptying your bucket list.

White Lilies
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Emma P. 

“She is truly dedicated to making sure that everyone is living their best, healthiest life! It has been an amazing journey and l have learned so much from her”!

Mary R.

"I'm now more aware of foods that are harmful to me and now aware of the carbohydrates that are tolerable and those that may be harmful. Also, my glucose readings have gone down!  Melissa is informed, empathetic, sincere and dedicated to helping her clients succeed and I recommend her to anyone else who needs help in coping with this disease". 

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Carolyn S.

"I truly was empowered with specific and measurable ways to begin changing my health forever. And now I have a friend and coach who can direct me and hold me accountable"  

Do you wish sometimes the web didn't exist?
It's information overload!

They say "eat less and move more" but you're totally confused and afraid of long-term health problems. Not to mention, your poor blood sugar control and the extra weight makes you feel like a failure.

So, if you’re feeling completely overwhelmed balancing blood sugar and want some answers, I invite you to take the next step:

Outdoor Snack

Get the best foods to manage diabetes, grocery list, and carb counting tips to end feeling frustrated at mealtime.

Low-carb Meals In
30 Minutes
or Less

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