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If you're interested in being a guest on the Type 1 In Midlife Podcast or if you want to nominate someone else as a guest... Reach out and let us know! 

Great nuggets of wisdom here! Perfect reminder of how we can live our best life (in-spite of obstacles)and what it takes to do so. The episodes that include info on hormonal balance are 🔥🔥🔥 as well. Great podcast and resource. 😊🥳

@Robin, Nutritionist

This should really help many people with T1D in mid life. Navigating life with T1D can be challenging and we need encouragement on all the good things that help! Thanks much Melissa, you have such a big heart for helping others!

@foil for Jesus

The host, Melissa Slemp is an amazing resource.

Melissa is a soothing and easily understood voice and expert in the field of nutrition and diabetes! Can't wait to hear more podcast episodes!


Great Listen!

Life with diabetes can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean we have to do it alone. Type 1 in Midlife offers helpful information in an inviting environment while providing a sense of community that so many of us crave. I look forward to future episodes!

@Renee t1d

Melissa really is the blood sugar boss. She is so full of knowledge for type one diabetics. I learn something from her all the time. She really creates a space and encouragement and hope for women.


Melissa is just a wealth of knowledge about diabetes. Living with it herself for 40 years now, and all her education and training make her a huge asset to those dealing with diabetes each day. Can’t wait to hear more from her and her guests!


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