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A1C Action Plan

Build sustainable habits to lower your A1C and reclaim long-term health with your personal coach.
Are you a woman with diabetes who needs to take
control of your A1C?

Have you been feeling this way for months...or years?

Yep, I've been there.

My name is Melissa and been living with type 1 diabetes for 40 years. I've spent the last 6 years coaching women with diabetes how to take action with food and lifestyle to reach their blood sugar goals.

I practice and coach a formula that works by helping you improve your time in range and alleviate stress managing diabetes.
Whether your A1C is a 7.0 or a 12.0, your results include:
  • In our 1:1 session we create specific action steps you can sustain along with my guidance and support

  • Customized recipe guide & shopping list that includes full recipes, carb count, grocery lists (by category), excludes any foods you want to avoid (i.e., dairy free, gluten free, vegan, etc.)

  • Carb swaps and portion control tips to eliminate frustrating blood sugar spikes

  • Ongoing support from myself inside private Facebook Group + Email + Text Support

  • Learn the best foods to stock up on for easy low carb meals and desserts

  • Discover delicious food + exercise that is right for your body to get off that blood sugar roller coaster

  • How to combine foods into balanced meals to achieve more stable and predictable post meal numbers

  • After implementing your plan for 30 days, we review your progress and set long term goals.

  • Change your relationship with food that won't raise blood sugar, avoid obstacles reaching your A1C goals

  • How to face challenges with consistency

Image by Shayda Torabi
Success Stories:

"Melissa is wonderful and so very helpful! I wanted to learn how to balance carbs with fat and protein and form a diet that was healthy for me and would give me sustainable energy and not spike my blood sugar. Melissa sat down with me and discussed my concerns and helped me develop such an eating plan! I’m grateful to her and her advice has worked! She stays in touch with me and provides recipes and helpful advice through emails and her Facebook group. Book a strategy session with her! She’s fabulous"!​

                                                                                       Jennifer J.

"Melissa was able to help me work towards and assuring me that I could achieve my goals by offering articles on diabetes and food intake, a recipe book and additional recipes. She provided information about diabetes and offered me helpful hints. I'm now more aware of foods that are harmful to me and now aware of the carbohydrates that are tolerable and those that may be harmful. Also, my glucose readings have gone down! Melissa is informed, empathetic, sincere and dedicated to helping her clients succeed and I recommend her to anyone else who needs help in coping with this disease".

                                                                                          Mary Jo R.

Committing to this strategic plan with your personal coach supporting you will improve post meal blood sugars, confidence managing diabetes to discover what foods make you feel amazing will reward you for a lifetime.

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