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3 Elements of Healthy & Energy Sustaining Great Tasting Food

What does a balanced plate of food look like to you? Many times we know what we should be eating but not sure where to start, what to buy or how to prep.

Remember when we consume a healthy sources of carbohydrates (vegetables) with plenty of healthy fat and protein, the glucose from the meal enters our blood slowly, and the pancreas responds by secreting a measured amount of insulin. Keep in mind that food is intended to nourish our body, satisfy our taste buds and provide us energy for the day.

If you're's the 3 elements of a healthy and energy sustaining plate of great tasting food, it's a simple meal idea of what to try that includes ingredients you may already have in the fridge:

Start with vegetables and complex carbs w/fiber that you love or maybe even some you've been curious about trying...

Cut up some peppers, onions, sweet potatoes (cut small), mushrooms, kale, onion, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, brussell sprouts, garlic, minced ginger, etc. Then heat up a skillet with coconut or avocado oil and begin sauteing for 5-7 minutes. Sprinkle on black pepper, himalayan sea salt and any herbs you have on hand. Keep warm and set aside.

Food is intended to nourish our body, satisfy our taste buds and provide us energy for the day.

Next choose a healthy protein... this can be an animal protein (chicken, beef, fish) that is organic/grass fed/antibiotic free or wild caught. Or choose soy or plant based proteins like organic beans, peas, tempeh, tofu,etc.

Cut up your meat/protein choice and saute in the same skillet filled with vegetables. Add in more herbs or try coconut or liquid aminos, a healthier soy sauce alternative for a little flavor..

Enhance and satiate with healthy fats...put the sauteed veggies and protein on top of a bed of organic spring mix lettuce, add 1/2 avocado and extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar to taste. Some other salad toppers (complex carbs/fiber/protein/healthy fat) to consider... pumpkin seeds, pistachios, hemp or chia seeds, chopped walnuts or add a small handful of grapes for a natural sweetener.

This is an example of the many healthy possibilities we have to prepare an easy meal by using quality whole food ingredients.

Carbohydrate + Protein+ Fat + Fiber = A balanced plate of this keeps us full longer, balanced blood sugar, energy and helps us reach or maintain a healthy weight.



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