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5 Healthy Intentions You Can Start Today!

Can you believe it's July. WOW the year is already half over. Any promises you made to yourself on New Years Day. you may not have even made a dent in yet. But that's o.k., any day is a good day to start.

I like to keep it simple... so here's 5 Healthy Intentions that are easy and right in front of you to either start or improve upon. You know better than anyone, what you need to change and to do different.

So, what are you waiting for?

Women supporting each other.
Incorporate these 5 easy intentions now and watch your health and life improve!

1. Fill your plate with 70-80% of colorful vegetables & low-glycemic fruit. These nutrient dense foods are what our body needs to function, heal, and help energize us! Make a plan to stock your fridge with local or organic fresh produce. Go ahead and pick the ones you already love and then toss in 1 or 2 veggies/fruits that you've been curious to try.

2. Get Moving. Devote at least 10 minutes of high intensity exercise 3-5 days this week. You know your schedule and when you can easily fit this in. Get It DONE! Remember that to keep the metabolism stoked all day, get up and move every chance you can. Walk the dog, take a loop around the office building, park far out and walk briskly to a store's front door.

3. Hydrate. This attainable habit is just a tall glass of water away from being a regular habit. Start your day with 1-2 tall glasses of filtered water (add lemon to help detox your gut). If you don't already have one, buy a super cute water bottle that you'll want to have with you filled with water throughout the day. Water is essential to every cell and organ in our body. Hydration eliminates sugar cravings and those false hunger pains. Drinking a minimum of 80 ounces of water, benefits your skin, digestive system, muscle tone and so many other bodily functions.

4. Practice Restful Sleep Habits. Set a goal to turn off the media/phone/T.V., 2 hours before bedtime. Spend this time planning your next day, spend time with family, enjoy gentle yoga, meditation, pray, or read a book. Set your bedroom up as a dark, cool and calming sanctuary and aim for 7-9 hours of blissful sleep that you look forward to each night.

*TIP to remember*! Lack of sleep can lower our willpower, making us more likely to make unhealthy choices. When you’re tired, you’re more susceptible to cravings for unhealthy foods. You are also more likely to try to use sugary, caffeine-laden drinks to try to keep your energy levels up. This can lead to weight gain from consuming empty calories.

5. Build a community. Establish a network of like-minded friends that supports you and your healthy intentions. Also, a great opportunity for accountability within this relationship too, help to keep each other on track. Having personal relationships (outside of social media) and time playing and enjoying life will naturally build your immune system.... not to mention your happiness too!!

Incorporate these 5 easy intentions now and watch your health and life improve! Your New Year resolutions can happen any day.



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