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Balance is key...

Did you know balanced blood sugar helps us balance our hormones too? Yes, it does!!

"A 2 for 1 deal when we make smart choices on what, how much & when we eat...I love a deal and bet you do too, and I know you want to feel great!

Addressing blood sugar dysregulation is a key step in balancing your hormones.

You can use this reference guide as a resource for what and when to eat for balanced blood sugar and hormone levels.

Meal Timing

1) Eat within 1 hour of waking up

2) Space your meals 5-6 hours apart

3) Avoid snacking before bedtime

4) Fast from after dinner until breakfast

5) Drink plenty of water - but not during meals

The ideal food combination: Protein + Fat + Carbohydrate + Fiber.

*Whenever possible, avoid eating carbohydrates alone. Pair your carbohydrates with protein and fat, even when snacking. For example, it’s better to eat crackers with peanut butter than just crackers alone, despite this adding more calories and fat to your snack. It'll also give you sustained energy.

Include Magnesium rich foods in your diet

• Dark leafy greens - especially spinach and swiss chard

• Pumpkin and sunflower seeds

• Sea vegetables - such as kelp and dulse

• Black beans

• Almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts and pecans

• Cacao or high cacao-content dark chocolate

• Avocados

• Bananas

* Eat foods that help heal insulin resistance:

• Alfalfa

• Algae and seaweed

• Avocado

• Basil

• Bitter melon

• Blueberries

• Broccoli

• Brussels sprouts

• Cabbage

• Cardamom

• Carob

• Cinnamon

• Citrus peel extract

• Cucumber

• Garlic

• Ginger

• Greens

• Jerusalem artichoke

• Onion

• Turmeric

Consume Omega-3 Fatty Acids

• Oily fish, like salmon

• Flax, chia, hemp seeds

• Walnuts

• Eggs

When insulin levels in your blood are high, it affects the amount of testosterone and estrogen in your bloodstream. Choose foods that nourish your body and hormones, and you will help to achieve balanced blood sugar and support your hormones too. Balance is key.. and you deserve to feel amazing everyday.



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