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Choosing quality protein powder

Real food ingredients and my personal choice, recommend this to my friends & clients to try

If you're like me protein powder is an everyday ingredient that like all food I shop for, I look for quality and real food ingredients. We're overwhelmed with so many different protein powder brands to choose from, do you walk away wondering what 's important when buying? I've been there too, I use protein powder in my breakfast smoothie and the different protein powders I've tried, I was compromising with their lack of quality ingredients.

The good news is a client actually introduced me to an amazing protein powder from Pure Food Company. She raised her own "standards" when reading labels, better understanding ingredients and found this brand. My husband and I have been using Pure Food Company plant based protein powder for more than a year, love it and recommend to anyone who asks.

I'm really excited about this product, as it has 7 real organic food ingredients and nothing else.. no binders. fillers or fake stuff to make it taste better/sweeter. All the bad stuff our bodies definitely doesn't need if we really want to nourish and thrive!

Check it our here, and read more information about this company selling great products.



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