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T1D and a Healthy Mindset

How and what we think effects how we how we feel, our energy, mood, perception of what's happening around us effects how and what we think. Our mind is so powerful.. we must change our thoughts to change our actions. Fear is a common one..a real barrier to good diabetes management and it causes a negative emotional state that is focused upon avoiding a negative instead of aiming for a positive.

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Our mind is so powerful.. we must change our thoughts to change our actions.

Diabetes means committing to a 24/7 schedule, we can't take a day off from managing the disease. First thought when we wake up and final thought as we lay down to sleep.. is our blood sugar at a safe #? Can we fall asleep without fear of barely waking up with low blood sugar and stumbling to correct at 3 AM?

Are You Managing Type 1 Diabetes and Feeling Overwhelmed?

No matter what the life obstacle (s) is that we is difficult as we all can get stuck in certain emotional states. So how can we do this.. “Your diabetes is a circumstance, a state of where you are, it doesn’t define who you are.” Your body is a strong unique temple equipped to carry you through the everyday physical, emotional and environmental stress, diabetes makes this challenging but not impossible. I like to remind myself and those I health coach that diabetics are at a health advantage… meaning we get to know what our blood sugar is, track what we’re eating, moving, etc. I prefer knowing and the ability to act upon it, rather than being unaware of what a high blood sugar could be doing to my health. The real fear is not knowing, losing control or never feeling like you've ever been in control.

No matter the obstacle we face, the power lies within each of us and to decide how good or bad we want to feed ourselves inside and out. Your emotions should be easier to manage so now let your rational mind go to work. If your blood sugar result isn’t within your target, troubleshoot why that is and be honest with yourself. You may need to journal for trends, talk to your healthcare provider, contact me for support and some answers to questions, or learn new skills.

If you already do something similar or try this, please share your experience in the comments!

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