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Feeling Trapped with Diabetes

My diabetes clients often feel trapped, frustrated, even angry and depressed without clear direction from their various doctors. All too often, we are given a map and expected to navigate it on our own. It is though we are wandering in the wilderness without a compass.

I will get moving and walk step by step with you toward your overall health. Along the way, I will help you stay focused on prioritizing your healthy lifestyle, even when the world feels like it is tugging you in every direction.

Please contact me, I'd love to hear your story....

You need someone by your side who understands where you are. Someone who listens with understanding from their own experiences. As a type 1 diabetic who has mapped my own health journey, I can help you navigate from the first step into a program that makes sense and is easy to follow.

You shouldn’t feel like you are losing something to gain your health. Sometimes, the solution is as easy as coming grocery shopping with me or taking a walk on the beach together.



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