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Holiday Tips & Tricks..Diabetes Style

How do you feel this time of year with holiday parties and spending more time in the kitchen?

Do you feel prepared? overwhelmed? Or maybe you're already expecting to fail at managing your blood sugar while still trying to enjoy the season.

I know it can be a lot to take on, especially when you toss diabetes into the "Punch Bowl". :). but the holidays are not a time to feel deprived if you live with diabetes.

Holiday food can be healthy and delicious and not compromise your blood sugar or waistline.

Here’s some tips in choosing better foods when you go out while still maintaining your blood sugar.

Start with turning your traditional favorite foods into healthier versions:

TIP for balanced blood sugar – Combine a Complex Carb w/fiber + Lean Protein + Healthy Fat with all meals & snacks. This balanced macros rule applies all the time and especially when preparing your favorite holiday recipes.

Need help converting your favorite holiday recipes into healthier versions? Contact me

Why balanced macros work:

When you consume healthy sources of carbohydrates w/fiber along with plenty of good fat and protein, the glucose from the meal enters your blood slowly. If you're prediabetic or type 2, the pancreas responds by secreting a measured amount of insulin. If you're Type 1 then you'll have to use your carb/insulin ratio to dose insulin if still needed.


  • Monitor blood sugar

  • Stay hydrated with water before and after a party

  • Eat healthy before you leave

  • Fill plate with vegetables first

  • Assess your choices before loading your plate: Choose a small portion of different foods

  • Choose food mindfully and don’t fill plate with food that you won’t remember tomorrow

  • Use a small plate

  • Don’t hang around the food table

  • Mingle and enjoy creating new holiday memories

  • Alcohol ? a) choose non-sugar drinks and avoid frozen mixed drinks b) WATER!!! STAY Hydrated before and afterwards

Think ahead and how much better you’ll feel after the holiday season:

  • · Maintaining Blood sugar

  • · Avoid feeling ill after eating to much of the wrong foods and drinks

  • · Avoid holiday weight gain

The holidays tend to revolve around the delicious food and drinks served. What is the true spirit and meaning around the holidays for you?

Ask yourself before the holiday season even begins "Am I putting too much focus on this and not enough around how important time with friends and family truly is"?

Remember to celebrate the holidays with healthy food, enjoying social connections and creating memories!