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Low fat phase

How do you feel about fat, or how much do you really know about fat to answer? Back in my early twenties, I worked hard exercising and thought I knew what the right things to eat were. My goal was to keep my weight in check and to keep going. That's really all I knew to do at that time. I lacked sense in what foods my body, brain and type 1 diabetes really needed to thrive.... it was all about the # on the scale. I ate low fat or fat free packaged food or what I believed was food. For example, instead of real butter, I thought processed margarine was a better choice. I ate low fat peanut butter, egg whites from a carton instead of whole eggs, fat free yogurt that was all sugared up. All of these are chemically and/or sugar altered processed imitations. The "Real Good Food Choices " our body knows how to digest, absorb and nourish our cells and our amazing system as a whole.

Healthy fats or essential fatty acids EFAs are Omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. They are essential because they are needed for many functions. EFAs cannot be manufactured by our bodies, so they must be obtained from food on a daily basis. EFAs are necessary for proper prostaglandin function, which regulates pain and swelling, maintains blood pressure, regulates cholesterol, and assists with nerve transmission.

Sufficient omega-3 fatty acids are thought to play a role in maintaining brain health and good cardiovascular function. They are also essential for the prevention of miscarriage and to promote optimal fetus development. Omega-3 fatty acids have also been linked

with helping arthritis, depression, and intestinal inflammation.



• Salmon - pictured

• Sardines

• Mackerel

• Anchovies

• Cod liver

• Chia seeds

• Flaxseed

• Walnuts

• Pasture-raised, grass-fed beef

Note: Plant-based omega-3 sources are not complete, so the body needs to convert them in order to use them. This is the reason why we recommend animal-based omega-3s over plant-based omega-3s, whenever possible.

Signs of EFA Deficiency

• Fatigue

• Heart problems

• Dry skin, eczema, or hair loss

• Immune weakness

• Mood swings and/or depression

• Poor circulation

• Poor memory

• Reproductive problems (men and women)

• Inflammation

Choose the real foods available to us and ready to be absorbed by our body. Avoid anything packaged/altered/refined. Goal is to feed our bodies, minds and spirits the rich nutrients we need and function our best with.

- "Essential fats are your friend" -

What healthy fats are on your plate? What can you add? Notice how you feel when you make the switch... and let me know back here.



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