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Sleep more & weigh less...what you really need to know

Did you know how closely related your sleep is to your waistline? Sounds funny I know... but I'm here to give you this friendly sleep reminder. Great health begins with a few basics, like sleep.

It's so important to set a goal to "sleep like a baby" as this is our #1 resource and one of the foundations to great health and a healthy weight!

What you really need to know how sleeping more can lead to weighing less!

It's so important to set a goal to "sleep like a baby" as this is our #1 resource and one of the foundations to great health!

People who get more sleep weigh less.

Research suggests that those who sleep five hours or less weight five pounds more than those getting at least seven hours of shut eye per night.

Have you connected poor sleep with excess stubborn weight?

What's your average night of sleep look and feel like?

Did you know that over time, weight gain can increase more rapidly in those who get five hours of sleep when compared to those getting seven hours. Lack of sleep disrupts the circadian rhythms and can lead to inefficient body regulation of energy balance, insulin insensitivity, metabolism and appetite.

Abnormal leptin and ghrelin levels - hormones that tell your body "I'm full, stop eating" - can go awry with too little sleep. Lack of sleep can make us reach for sweets, carbohydrates and caffeine as we can talk ourselves into using these things to fill that sleepless gap.

This blood sugar roller coaster ride leads to poor food choices, while the pancreas keeps secreting more insulin to keep up with this demand...leading to unsteady blood sugar and you guessed it WEIGHT GAIN. Ugh!!

Said Simply - sleep more, eat and weigh less! Strive for seven to eight hours of restful sleep each night and you'll be happy you did!!

Soon you should notice your energy level improve, your appetite is more in line with what and when your body really needs to eat. Cortisol levels normalize and your metabolism gears back up to support this brand new rested you!!

Is sleep your slippery slope? Having trouble setting a steady sleep routine and gaining traction around this basic foundation to your health? Book a free 30 minute consultation now and let's work together to create a plan for your health.

Leave a comment below about what steps you can begin doing to improve your sleep...



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