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Staying cool through menopause

Believe it or not some women can coast through perimenopause and menopause with barely any symptoms, one day their period just stops. They don't experience the common signs of night sweats, brain fog, moodiness, sleep issues. But for those who do, like myself there are many natural herbal remedies to coast through menopause and stay cool. HRT or bioidentical hormones are still a safe option to consider if first trying the herbal plant based route to managing your health doesn't relieve your symptoms.

Traditional women’s herbs are phytohormones. They have what are known as adaptogenic, moisturizing, and tonifying effects. These effects are what results in relief of many menopausal symptoms.

When an herb is adaptogenic (or an adaptogen) the effect it has differs, depending on your hormone levels. A few herbs to consider: maca, black cohosh, Pueraria mirifica and vitex.

Read more about the different adaptogenic qualities and each of the herbs from Dr. Christiane Northrup's article



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