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Thrive thru your monthly cycle & menopause

Because along with every stage of our life, food is medicine and it's a key tool we can easily use to survive & thrive through anything that comes our way.

Many of my clients associate “hormones” with fertility and women’s health and not things like digestive, thyroid, blood sugar, liver and adrenal wellness. As a nutritional health coach that works with women I see a need to explain these components. As my goal is to help my clients really understand that hormones are about so much more than fertility, monthly cycles and menopause.

There are great foods for any time our hormonal cycle and menopause. Eating a whole foods diet of unprocessed, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, while indulging less in sugar, caffeine and alcohol, is a fantastic way to get a great foundation for a healthy menopause.

But if you want to take your health to a new level and feel not just like your old self, but better than you have ever felt in your entire life, then you want to tune into the power of super foods for a magnificent monthly cycle and even into menopause!

Here is just a few of the many super foods to bring into your kitchen: Maca Root Chia Seeds Coconut Water Salt Broccoli Sprouts Pomegranate Chocolate (raw cacoa)

*Stay tuned for details on each of these nutritional power houses!!



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