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What is a normal menstrual cycle?

Have you ever wondered what a normal menstrual cycle actually looked like? Don’t be embarrassed if you’re not sure! Every day tons of people are Googling questions and seeking help.

Have you asked yourself... “How long is my period supposed to be?” or “What happens if I have sex while I'm on my period?” and "Are cramps a normal part of my time of the month"? These are important questions, and more often than not, we’re not taught this vital information – hence the reason people turn to the internet. I had these questions, and I accepted what I was experiencing every month as "normal".

In my mid 20's , my doctor prescribed birth control pills to ease my symptoms (heavy bleeding & cramps), but the pill only caused me other bad side affects. So I got off the pill and continued on for many years dreading that time of the month and I realize now that my anxiety beforehand only added to my symptoms and suffering.

I now know after years of studying and following holistic and functional medical doctors, like my favorite Dr. Christiane Northrup, that what I was experiencing wasn't normal. If I had better understood my body, lifestyle, nutrition, stress, etc. that I could have better healed myself towards a normal menstrual cycle.

What is a normal period look like for you? Do you have concerns?



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