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Is your pantry sabotaging your blood sugar? 12 foods to the rescue!

First off...diabetes never has to mean feeling deprived about what foods you can eat.

However, what you buy and stock in your pantry does matter and can help you avoid sabotaging your efforts to balanced blood sugar.

In order to reach your health goals, begin to recognize what's in your pantry that may be harming you and to know better options that can rescue you and your health.

Pantry items come packaged and it's important to understand what's listed on the label to determine if it is a good choice. Processed foods like Hamburger Helper. SnackWell Cookies, etc. can remain in the past and not hang around the pantry and continue sabotaging you

If your current eating plan includes packaged processed foods, your ability to navigate blood sugar can be difficult, so begin by checking the ingredient lists. Packaged food ingredients are listed in descending order by weight. Those in the largest amounts are listed first.

The ability to navigate blood sugar can be difficult, so begin by checking the ingredient lists.

Along with unhealthy ingredients many packaged foods are low in fiber and vitamins and based on this, tempt your taste buds to want to eat more. This leads to a viscous cycle of a diet with empty calories low in nutrients, making both blood sugar and health difficult to manage.

Make a plan when shopping, to avoid foods that contain more than 5 ingredients, and those you don't recognize and have added sugar, salt, food coloring and preservatives.

Avoid foods with these types of sugar on the list of ingredients:

  • Dextrose.

  • Fructose.

  • Galactose.

  • Glucose.

  • Lactose.

  • Maltose.

  • Sucrose.

Avoid foods with these types of oils on the list of ingredients:

  • soybean oil.

  • corn oil.

  • cottonseed oil.

  • sunflower oil.

  • peanut oil.

  • sesame oil.

  • rice bran oil.

  • grapeseed oil

Refer to this check list below to see whether or not the foods in your pantry are good sources of balanced macronutrients (includes complex carbohydrates, fiber, healthy fat, and protein):

Consider these tips when buying processed/packaged food:

  • When shopping, compare similar foods to find out which one is lower in sugar

  • Contains a minimum of 3 grams of fiber per serving

  • Look for foods that contain a minimum of 5 grams of protein per serving

  • Contains no added sugar

  • Contains no saturated fat or trans fats (seed oil, vegetable oil, etc.)

Consider purging from your pantry and fridge the foods containing five or more ingredients; that include things like salt, sugar, artificial colors, flavorings, and preservatives. Be sure you recognize the ingredients as being a real food and use this rule when grocery shopping.

Decide to crowd out the processed foods, containing sugar and carbohydrates that do not serve you, instead choose whole foods including vegetables filled with vitamins. This method of eating will naturally reduce insulin and blood sugar levels.

Here are benefits of eating whole foods and why they are the best food options to manage diabetes and for anyone mindful of their eating plan:

  • The body can slowly absorb the vitamins, nutrients

  • Avoid a spike in blood sugar

  • The added protein and healthy fats are more satisfying and fill you up

  • Reduces cravings for simple carbohydrates (bread, cereal, desserts)

  • To reach and maintain your ideal weight

Examples of some packaged foods with quality real ingredients are quinoa and farro. Both of these rich hearty grains contain balanced macronutrients (carbs/fiber/protein/healthy fat). The perfect combination and a healthier carbohydrate choice to enjoy and avoid sabotaging blood sugar.

Add the following 12 foods to your shopping list as your rescue plan, stock your pantry with ingredients to create delicious recipes. (Store in your pantry or fridge)

  1. Extra virgin olive oil

  2. Avocado oil

  3. Raw nuts

  4. Nut butter

  5. Hearty grains (quinoa, farro, black rice)

  6. Bean pasta

  7. Balsamic vinegar

  8. Seeds (chia, flax, hemp, pumpkin)

  9. Well sourced animal protein

  10. Variety of fruits & vegetables

  11. Sweet potato

  12. Avocados

  13. *Bonus* Dark Chocolate

These twelve foods are some of the best options for women with diabetes and everyone to keep stocked in the pantry.

Click below to download a Spicy Sweet Potato, Turkey & Kale Bowl ...This delicious recipe uses some of the recommended foods listed above.

Download PDF • 288KB

A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, good sources of proteins and healthy fats can have significant health benefits for everyone living with diabetes. The goal is to enjoy food without feeling deprived, while reaching blood sugar goals to gain control of your health.

Now, stop and take a few minutes to assess your pantry items. Study the labels, to see what foods in your pantry may be sabotaging your efforts to eat healthy and improve blood sugar control. Become an informed shopper by reading food labels to find out more about the foods you buy and eat.



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