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How To Use 5 Simple Habits To Reach Blood Sugar And Weight Goals

My goals like many of you living with a disease that doesn't give us a day off, is to maintain blood sugar and still live a normal life. For 38 years and counting, I've lived and started out struggling to manage my type 1 diabetes. It's given me plenty of time to fine-tune my own daily habits and now I'm able to share and help you to do the same.

So no matter where you are in your own diabetes health journey, these five everyday habits are essential to build a stronger foundation and increase your odds in reaching your goals.

Because of a health scare 28 years ago (read my full story here), I put a lot of pressure on myself in trying to be perfect with my blood sugar levels. This led to scary hypoglycemia episodes, and took me a few years to relax my expectations and to trust that what I was doing was enough.

I now have more realistic goals that center around healthy habits to live a better life and to be back in control of my diabetes. These habits not only keep my whole body functioning better, but helps me to maintain safer blood sugar levels and a healthy weight.

These 5 simple healthy habits is something I practice and coach my clients to consistently put into action:

  • Sleep

  • Staying Hydrated

  • Daily Exercise

  • Macro Balanced Diet (heavy on the vegetables and healthy fats, low on carbs)

  • Close Friends and Community Support

All five of these habits contribute to a stronger immune system and a well functioning body. They will help prevent prediabetes and type 2 diabetes, which can lead to other symptoms of poor health, another reason to implement these habits.

I have put together a step by step guide to help you fine tune these five habits listed above.

CLICK HERE for Free Access to these resources to get started!

Taking charge with these easy steps, builds a stronger foundation for those living with type 1 diabetes and help make managing diabetes much easier.

Each day can present obstacles to not only survive but to THRIVE with diabetes. Yes this can be possible for you! Join my Free Facebook Group to get the support and answers you need.

When you're ready to take the next step and implement these habits, you also have inside access to my course and membership site to support your health journey.

Start out this week with one of these simple habits that you can take control of. Pick the habit that's the easiest and you're already very close to meeting (the low hanging fruit).

It all begins with these basics, start here and fine-tune one habit at a time in your daily routine and soon you will begin to see and feel a difference.

Know that all the effort you put in will build confidence, and help lead you to a healthier body and better diabetes care.


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