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Six Easy Steps to Prioritize You and Your Diabetes

Are you a busy working wife and mom, being pulled in all directions each day trying to get it all done and serve everyone else's needs? Well, you're not alone...the day-to-day juggling is tiring, stressful and no one comes out a winner...especially you, when you're also trying to manage your diabetes health.

Stress, overwhelming schedules with the appointments, meal planning and household tasks. it's exhausting just thinking about it all.

Women typically have many competing demands, it's important that they prioritize themselves and their diabetes.

Midlife women often feel guilty when they put their health/diabetes above other important things in their lives. By shifting your thinking to a more positive perception of "me time" will help you live a more balanced life.

BONUS... your blood sugar levels will also come into balance, and you'll feel and function better. This results in a happier mom and a happier family!

Ask yourself this.... What priorities do you have for others in your life that you don't have for yourself?

(i.e., the kids getting enough sleep and eating their vegetables)

Six Ways to put "Yourself First":

1) Let go of activities that add more stress than joy to your life... learn to say NO more.

2) Keep it Simple. Manage your expectations around daily responsibilities. Prioritize tasks and decide to focus on the "low hanging fruit", the easy stuff first.

3) Delegate tasks. Ask your family to participate in helping to get dinner ready, folding laundry, feeding the dog, etc. They'll appreciate being a part of the household responsibilities, *so start them out young*.

4) Take a step back. Try to look at the challenges in your life from a fresh set of eyes... focus on all that you have to be thankful for. By focusing on the positive, you can find clearer solutions to the same problems.

5) Emotional well-being is equally important as your physical health. Make time to play, laugh and schedule time to do something you love. Mark this important "YOU" time in your calendar.

6) Diabetes care tips. Check blood sugar often (6-8 x/day or use a continuous glucose monitor), eat nutritious food, more vegetables, lower carbs and healthy fats. Daily exercise or movement...stay hydrated and get quality sleep.

It can be overwhelming to make so many changes at one time. Begin by taking small steps to make changes in your life. You'll soon feel more in control with your time, daily tasks and diabetes care.

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