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Surprising Blood Sugar "Wreckers"

FOOD is the obvious thing you may think will trip you up... when trying to balance BS (blood sugar) and reach your goal weight.

Yes, blood sugar and your weight are very closely connected *Hint*!

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Here’s a few surprising things that effect your BS #’s:

🧨 Coffee - a morning cup of brew is combined with our bodies natural rise in cortisol levels. Coffee's caffeine & cortisol will raise your glucose and can also lead to weight gain.

🧨 Stress - once again the cortisol hormone...that natural “Fight or Flight” our immune system produces in response to apparent physical/emotional stress. Cortisol increases blood sugar levels by stimulating the release of glucose from glucose stores in cells. It also acts to inhibit insulin, thus affecting glucose transport into cells.

🧨 Hidden or Fake Sweeteners - be aware of what’s inside any packaged foods. Added sugars and even the fake stuff, triggers your system to release more insulin. This is the bodies response for type 2 diabetics, to reduce that rise in blood sugar. For type 1 diabetics, additional insulin will be needed.

🧨 Inactivity - staying busy and regular exercise has a huge impact on your bodies ability to use glucose for energy and to not store it as fat. When you're inactive, more insulin is needed to process any extra carbs you eat. Exercise makes you more insulin sensitive and in less need of insulin.

*BONUS... Regular exercise helps you reach a healthy weight!

🧨 Late night eating - waking up with high blood sugar is a tough way to start the day. It often reflects what and when you ate the night before. Digestive and metabolic systems (I.e diabetes) both need time to do their jobs while you sleep. Timing insulin/oral meds when eating off schedule, can trigger blood sugar to delay or spike when sleeping. It's harder to react and correct levels when 😴 asleep.

🧨 Lack of sleep - poor sleep habits has a snowball effect on all aspects of health, including blood sugar balance and your weight. When you’re tired, you reach for more carbs, caffeine and processed food and drinks to energize you. As a result of not feeling great during the day, your more prone to make poor choices. You also tend to move less.

All these factors can contribute to insulin resistance, and can make blood sugar and a healthy weight harder to balance.

However, everyone and everyday is different, so these are not absolute Blood Sugar Wrecker’s...just a reminder of how your choices can make a difference for you.

I'll be diving deeper into all the blood sugar and weight control issues I know you wanna overcome! 🙌

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